Do you want to manage your type 2 diabetes naturally and avoid pills and injections, but don't know where to start or if it's even possible?


Get ready to go from sick and tired to hopeful and inspired

In seven days... you will learn the most powerful ways to reduce blood sugar quickly and consistently without starving or exercising for hours.


No matter if you are already on medication or not.

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Why take this 7-Day Challenge?

  • Because when a problem is ignored, avoided or postponed it grows.

  • Because you don't want to wait for weeks and months, you want to see and feel results now.

  • Because every other solution you have seen is focused on weight loss and exercise, and what you need is to address what impacts your sugar right

  • Because this is the solution you have been "googling" for.

 Diabetes and pre-diabetes are not one-size fits all problems, but whether you want to quit pills entirely or just avoid the next medication add on, the skills you will learn in this challenge are essential to upgrading your quality of life!

 Only $47

  • Day 1

    We start with the power of "why" and uncovering your real reasons for needing a change. This will be your beacon for accomplishing anything...including ditching the meds. 

  • Day 2

    I show you how to translate the nutritional label from contents to ingredients and reveal just what the food companies are hiding. Never be duped by labels again!

  • Day 3

    You will learn the different types of liquid sugars and how they impact more than just diabetes. We will create a map to reduce and eliminate these from your life.

  • Day 4

    Enriched and refined flour products have caused worsening disease since they were recommended in early '80s. You would not believe how many products have them!  

    • Day 5

      Whether you are counting calories or counting carbs, the food log is your best tool for remembering what you wanted to forget. Simply the most powerful tool that everyone loves to hate.

    • Day 6

      Mindset matters. Nothing can deter our mission more completely than a single mistake. Let me show you how to love failure and avoid another Monday Do-Over!

    • Day 7

      Intermittent fasting  has changed the game for those with diabetes and obesity. Learn the myths and truths here and use this powerful weapon to change your life.

    • Bonus Training

      Watch a super important bonus training to discuss how to "find your lane" for keeping your sugars managed. This will be all about strategy for living your best life!!

     Only $47

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